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If you are an existing customer you may send your Purchase Order via e-mail or e-fax. We also accept orders via EDI.

When a Purchase Order is placed, you will receive an order acknowledgement that will include the estimated ship date, method of shipment as well as product cost. We recommend that special or shipping handling instructions are included on the Purchase Order. If any correction is required to the order please make sure to contact us immediately so that order can be corrected prior to shipment.

Yes, as long as order is received by no later than 3PM Eastern Standard Time and on a regular business day we can process same day orders. It is important to specify on the e-mail or PO that you require order to ship the same day. If at all possible we also ask that if order is being e-mailed that it is marked as “Urgent”. If customer does not receive an order acknowledgement right away, we ask that you reach out to the Customer Service team at CDS to verify receipt.

Same day orders apply to orders shipping via express service: Overnight, Second Day and Third Day Service.

Yes, our system supports standing orders (recurring orders). It is the recommended method for when ordering hematology controls and calibrators. Standing orders are placed based on the manufacturing schedule the end user would like to be setup under. This will allow the end user to receive product when needed with longest dating available. In addition we recommend control orders are setup to ship on a quarterly basis, to match the frequency of release from the manufacturing schedule.

Once an order is shipped, an invoice is generated. Copies of invoices are sent electronically to customers automatically including tracking information as well as freight cost (if applicable).

Standard non palletized orders are shipped within two business days from the date order is received, if order is submitted before 3pm. If product ordered is perishable, we do not ship Thursdays or Fridays unless specified on the PO or e-mail to do so by the customer. Thus if an order for a perishable product is placed on a Wednesday, it will ship no later than Monday. On occasions it may take more than two business days to ship an order due to the following: during standing order release week, holiday, large amount of orders been processed and shipped as well as issues due to the weather. The estimated date of shipment if longer than two business days will be reflected on the order confirmation. If a product is not available at the time of order, once consulting with our production team we will provide the estimated date product will be made available.

When an order is placed we will provide an order confirmation, which will reflect the total amount of product being ordered. Once the invoice is processed it will also include the freight cost associated with the shipment of order as well as pallets (if applicable). If needed the customer can request a quotation including freight cost. The quotation will be processed upon instructions from customer to proceed.

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